Polly Brant is an artist-educator from the West Midlands. Led by curiosity and reforming, Polly uses the process of meeting people, learning, and making to build connections. She is interested in art as a common, a part of the everyday, a space for everyone. Art education is a big part of this and what it means to her forms the base of her practice. 

Polly is  interested in what art education is, where it can happen and its meaning.  A lot of the time what she makes is made from collections of thoughts, notes, and hopeful ideas informed by research, in various forms, to both champion and question what art/art education can be.

CV                                                                 Contact: info@pollybrant.com

Moving and In The Moment. Cut Copy Remix II 2022.  Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Photography by Marcin Sz. 
Selected exhibitions and works: Creative Connections. Ikon Gallery, July 2023.A movement in the direction of trying to make sense. BCN Artist Bursary and Residency recipient, Multistory. 2022. Wolverhampton Degree Show, 2023.Pass it on. Staying With The Trouble, Black Hole Club. Vivid Projects, 2 December 2022.Lincoln Taking Place Exhibition. UK New Artists: New Artist Collective. Peter De Wint Building, Fine Art Studios. Lincoln, 18-20 November 2022.Walking workshop – As Strange As Familiar, Ikon Gallery: The Migrant Festival – 2021.Phased, Birmingham School of Art MA show. 2021Made Public, Birmingham School of Art. Medicine Gallery. 15 February – 1 March 2020. (self-curated)